Traveling during an alarming Covid-19 situation can be hazardous. To avoid being caught in the grip of a deadly virus and falling sick, it is essential to follow precautions. Travelling cannot be avoided but we can ensure safety at times. It is nothing major one needs to do. Be sure to wear a mask, maintain social distances, and make sure to sanitize your hands time and again. Failing to follow the safety norms can lead to you being unwell. Being months at home, the COVID 19 risk was avoided to the extent but with the country being all set to start all over again for stabilizing the economy, the risk of getting caught in a deadly virus has tremendously increased.


The situation has grown a bit worrisome with the second wave striking the countries. India has seen around a 33% increase in active cases with three states: Maharashtra, Punjab, and Kerala surpassing the no of cases. As of now COVID 19 vaccine drive has not picked up momentum and growing slowly. The aviation industry has been in bad light owing to increasing instances. However, they are not the ones to be blamed for. Flight2Flight understands the complexity of the situation and has released instructions to help you fly safely. Social distancing is one such precaution that one should follow religiously. The state worsens up when people mix up and interact without social distancing. For safe travel, it is essential to follow the below safety norms.


Wash/Sanitize your hands

Washing hands is extremely important to steer clear of the virus from being spreading. Using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is yet another good practice. Improved health demands washing hands thoroughly. After wetting your hands, apply soap and continue washing your hands for 20 seconds(Say Happy Birthday). Make sure to cleanse under jewelry and fingernails as they are more prone to spreading viruses. 


Maintain Good Hygiene 

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. There may be some objects you touch like a window, door handles that may have come in contact with an infected person. You can accidentally touch them, and unattentively touch your nose, mouth, and eyes, putting yourself and others at high risk of COVID 19. So, make sure to avoid such deadly mistakes and keep on sanitizing your hands, especially during travel.


Say no to traveling when unwell

COVID 19 infected person needs to stay home for 10 or even 20 days after symptoms first appear. To ensure safety, Flight2Flight have made it compulsory to travel with negative RT-PCR report for traveling to certain regions. Falling to provide that, would require them to undergo a rapid antigen test on arrival. Furthermore, FlightFlight has issued safety norms and precautions, a traveler must follow while traveling. There is a temperature check provision, and if founded unwell, you may be denied to board the plane and travel back. 


Make sure to cover your face

It is essential to wear masks in aircraft to ensure the safety of fellow travelers. Following the safety, norms are good to keep yourself and fellow travelers safe and protected. If Flight2 Flight finds any inappropriate traveling behavior or you are not wearing masks, you may be de-boarded from the flight. Being a responsible citizen, you must be able to respect your and your passenger traveler’s safety. For happy and risk-free traveling, it is appreciable to follow below safety norms. 


Maintaining distance from a person suffering from cough and cold

Though there have been special seating arrangements during this unprecedented time ensuring the social space, you still may be careful with people walking around. It is advisable to wear masks to keep oneself safe from the person suffering from cough and cold.


Stay up to date with travel advice!

Traveling to different countries may require you to follow travel advice. Especially if you are planning international travel, make sure to go through the country’s website. You may be asked to install mobile health or tracking apps in response to the global COVID situation that is alarming.

Being vaccinated is good to go!

Even if you are not COVID 19 vaccinated, make sure that that your other vaccinations up to date. Take vitamin C to strengthen your immune system. An up-to-the-mark immune system certainly helps to keep the deadly virus at bay. 


Take the desired help from FLight2Flight!

Opting us for your traveler consultant can help you avail of a safe journey throughout. Flight2Flight, your best travel companion, can help you with accommodations, flight cancellations, flight changes, and much more Owing to the current situation, if the person is denied entry or has to be a quarantine, Flight2Flight, your travel companion can arrange accommodation and. Help with the last-minute changes. 


Opt for Travel insurance

While planning for the destination, especially international travel, make sure to avail of travel insurance. Availing travel insurance is essential to cover emergency medical issues cropping up and leaving assistance.

Contactless payment

Amidst COVID 19 situation, there are many solutions employed on airports and airlines to ensure safe payments. In the wake of the COVID 19 situation, you can use advanced features on mobile phones to make contactless payments. Making contactless payments is sure to leave you with a great experience. 


Also, the airport authorities are ensuring a contactless journey to ensure your safety utmost. Touch-free check-in and drop-free kiosks are a move towards ensuring your safety. 


Wrapping up

With the rising cases of COVID 19, we need to make sure that we need to follow safety measures religiously. Life must go on, and so the work. You cannot simply put everything to a halt. Travel is a critical part of lives, and journeys are unpredictable. For avoiding any travel bans in the future, our being responsible citizens is vital. Airlines and Airports authorities are imposing safety measures for your safety, and now is your turn to ensure safety for yourself and other travelers. 

Have a safe and pleasant journey!